Grand Valley Catholic Outreach
Empty Bowls

About Empty Bowls

A selection of hand made bowls
On the second Saturday of October, Catholic Outreach hosts Empty Bowls.

The concept of Empty Bowls was brought to our valley by the late Ginger Rice. Each year potters craft and donate soup bowls. Restaurants donate gourmet soups.

Patrons choose a bowl from the nearly 900 donated by local potters and enjoy a meal of soup and dessert. They then take their bowls home to place on a shelf, reminding them there are people who are hungry in our valley.

An Empty Bowls Patron

Friends of Catholic Outreach have sponsored Empty Bowls for the past 15 years.

Empty Bowls is held at the Soup Kitchen, 245 S. 1st Street, between the hours of 11:00 A.M. and 1:30 P.M.


Want to get Involved?

Empty Bowls always needs:

Potters to donate bowls,

Restaurants to donate soup,

Bakeries to donate rolls
or cookies,

Vendors to donate paper products, beverages, and butter.