Letter from the Director

Whenever people hear the name Grand Valley Catholic Outreach, they immediately think of those serving or receiving services as being Roman Catholics. However, Grand Valley Catholic Outreach is “catholic” in its truest sense. “Catholic” means universal and those who volunteer, those who donate, and those who receive the fruits of gifts from others are from many denominations and walks of life. No one is denied the opportunity to serve or be served as long as resources are present.

Thanks to a very generous local community—individuals, churches, organizations, foundations, and even the City of Grand Junction— Catholic Outreach is able to open its doors each day and respond to the scriptural dictum “The gift you have been given; give then as gift.”

Thank you for your interest in Catholic Outreach and for joining us in helping meet so many emergency needs experienced by our brothers and sisters in this valley.


Sr. Karen Bland

Sister Karen is a member of the Benedictine Sisters of Chicago



Sister Karen Bland, OSB Grand Valley Catholic Outreach Executive Director


245 S. 1st Street, Grand Junction, CO 81501